I woke up this morning, The bright yellow sun shining through my window. I felt good until I turned around, seeing you:  Standing there in the hallway, the suitcase in your hand. "You are really leaving us?" You nodded. "I have to." What an explanation - "I need my soverignity back." - not good enough … Continue reading Leaving


Deutscher Donnerstag: Paul Celan’s Todesfuge

I guess every german student had to analyse this poem in class; written by Celan in 1944/1945 it tries to assimilate the holocaust during the nationalsocialistic regime. It impresses with its - in german I would call it "Wortgewalt" - an utterly eloquent use of words and drawing of literal images. Hope you are touched … Continue reading Deutscher Donnerstag: Paul Celan’s Todesfuge