Unpredictable V

Written by Alisa



Madame X began to speak. It seemed like she spoke to all of us but her eyes were fixed on me: “I guess you have a theory what happened to that house.”
Out of the corner of my eyes I saw how Kyle made a move as like he wanted to speak but I got ahead of him: “Our first theory was that it just a postponement in matter, nothing alarming. Nevertheless, we had a second theory. As there are no pictures in the house like it would have been before the dawn, I suppose that it is an illusion.”
“And now you want me to send a troop there to check upon it.” Madame X was only looking at me. She paused, sighed and crossed her fingers under her chin, “I don’t like that, I don’t like that at all.”
Madame X has been described as the beauty of our colony and indeed, with her short blonde hair and her red lips, she reminded of the film stars of the last age. She had the reputation to be beautiful, beautiful and calculating. It was said, that she got that small scar upon her lip from killing her husband, the husband who was outed as one of the Aliters.
“But you give me no choice”, she continued, “I will send a division there. Who knows what is out there after yesterday’s explosion. Who knows what caused it. The latter is more dangerous, indeed.”
She talked to one of her commanders who was standing in the back of the room, behind us: “Lieutenant Jackson, you are to be in command. Put a troop of eighteen people together. Fifteen militia, two scientists and one medic. And take Sergeant Kyle with you. He obviously knows the surrounding.” Madame X looked back at us: “You may fall out.”
Before I could think about what I was doing, I interrupted her: “Why do you assign Kyle to the platoon and not me?!” I hesitated, surprised about my outburst, “Madame. I was the one who identified the building as an illusion, I should be involved in its destruction.”
Her words were sharp: “First of all, it is a supposed illusion, our scientists still need to classify the building. And Second – I think you know the answer. You have been convicted for disobedience and this
protest is clearly a sign that you have not learned. I cannot be sure that you will obey all orders given to you.” Her voice was getting softer as she continued to speak, “It would be in my interest to re-award you your former rank and honour but you have to play by the rules. Report to Dr. Ignotus what you have seen. Soldier Peter should accompany you. Give him every detail you noticed. That would be all, Soldier Cara. You may fall out.”
I felt furious about the outcome of this report session but everything what I might have said, would only worsen the situation. We left, Kyle tensed regarding his next turn out, Peter stressed that he still had work to do and I, angry about all what I have said, could have said and wished to say.



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