Written by Alisa

But after the Revolution, who is going to pick up the garbage on monday morning?
It was pamphlet, creased and torn with dirty prints on it. If the prints were from an animal or a human, I could not tell. It was too smeart. I turned the pamphlet around. There was no more script – just the question on the front, no authors or organizations named. I was confused – this was unusual. The whole pamphlet was unusual – the state of the paper, torn but still legible, the black, bolded script on the brilliant blue background – nowadays you wouldn’t print in colours. And not it colours that bright. It was too expensive. But this pamphlet was printed in this specific brilliant blue, one of the most expensive colours. And it was, in comparison with the rest of the street, undamaged.
Someone called my name. I looked one more moment on the pamphlet before I stood up. Kyle was the one who called me, he was making his way from the other side of the street to me.
“Stop dawdling”, he ordered, “we need to secure the street.”
I nodded, gazing one last time on the pamphlet before I wanted to move on, but Kyle had followed my eyes.
“What do you have there?”, he was speaking more to himself than to me. I could see the same confusion in his eyes to see a pamphlet on a street like this.
“A pamphlet”-
But he didn’t seem to notice the strange colour. “It is just a piece of paper. We have work to do.”
Kyle went back to the building where he stood before – building, if you can call two walls and a pile of rubble like that. The door of the house was surprisingly still intact, even the curtain behind the door window was unburned and the white of the curtain stood in a sharp contrast to its environment. The rest of the house was hopeless demolished, only rubble and ashes. The surrounding buildings looked equally destroyed, like the rest of the street, except a few houses at the end which still looked wretched but undamaged. I could not say that for certain – nobody could – as nothing was like it seemed.
I walked closer to Kyle and Peter, who were discussing the state of the house next to them and the risk of entering it. Kyle insisted on examining the building but Peter refused to go inside – his blue eyes took on a darker note as he explained the danger of entering – he did not trust the standing door and he did not trust what he could see and more specifically, what he could not see.
“Our orders are to secure the streets and not to go inside of these buildings”, he repeated, “it would be too dangerous.”
“There is no sense in securing the streets if we don’t check on the buildings around it”, Kyle said.
Before Peter could say another word, I joined in the discussion: “I have to agree with Kyle. We need to secure the houses as well.”

Hello loves,

here it is – the first part of our Writing Project. Carol has no idea what I have in mind with this story, she has no details, no plot, nothing – let’s see where she is going with this starting point. Has she the same ideas like I do? Or does the story turn out completely different? Oh, it is so exciting!
I wanted to keep the start very unclear – the setting, the characters, the time – but I still have a lot ideas in my mind and I even have a clear view of my main character, the narrator, at the moment. I tried to avoid it but my mind already created the narrator even before I started writing! I hope Carol does not destroy all my imaginations!

So, I give Carol time until Wednesday to write the next 500 words.

Stay excited!

– Alisa


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