up to the skies

How can one ever feel alone in the world when there’s the sky? All one has to do is look up, and there it will be.

Unless one is in a building or inside a house or underground. Then one would have a hard time coming across the sky. As soon as they left the insides of things, though, there it would be. The sky. So, if one is outside and feeling alone, all one has to do is look up to the sky.

Sometimes one doesn’t even need to be completely outside, though it helps. One can be inside a car or inside a house or a building and have a somewhat limited access to the sky, but an access nevertheless. Or one could be outside but in a town filled with buildings, the kind of buildings that are incredibly tall. Or one could be in a forest as trees obstructed the view. It does not matter, for the sky is always there. And if one is in the deep ocean, one needs not worry. The sky still exists and is somewhere above, even one is not sure where above is. And one has the double-luck of being embraced by the ocean as well, as careless as it is: it’s still an embrace.

One can look deep inside another some-one and find there another kind of sky and another kind of ocean. And when one finds it, it is as if one could never again be alone. One has now two sets of skies and two kinds of ocean by whom one will be accompanied. And one will not feel imprisoned or limited for never being alone: the bond with these other things is also a way of having a stronger bond with oneself. Nothing is to fear, nothing is to hide.

Care is always needed. The bond doesn’t raise doubts, it does not raise endless problems or needs for reassurance. The bond is there. It is there, it does not go away. If the sky falls or the ocean dries out, the bond will be there. One is not to worry about it. As long as one keeps the bond alive within oneself, it will be there. One is to worry about not worrying oneself to ruin, and one is to worry about taking any kind of puddle for an ocean and the ceiling of a tall cathedral as the sky. Ceilings are nice and they are okay: so are puddles that sometimes reflect the skies. They look a bit like the real thing, they feel a bit like the real thing, and they pass for the real thing before the real thing is felt. One needs care — not too much care, just enough.

And when in doubt, all one needs is to look up to the skies.



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