The Choice

Found on
I walked with my reason

Out beside the sea

We were close

And far away all at once.
The cold winds blew

As it turned to me,

Forcing to look him in the eye:
Is it true that she’s getting married on Monday?
I felt my heart rising,

Even though I had put it in chains.
Most likely; why should I lie about it?
My heart fought,

Cried in bitter pain.
How could I expect to grab

That radiant golden star,

To grab it and put into my pocket.
I did not take a cross’ death

In the hard extremity of Spain,

And except that new price of fate.
My reason seemed speachless,

How should you expect to

Recieve a gift from fate,

When you were blessed with your

Life and vitality

While your comrades died

And faded.
And how should I hold still

Keeping silent and watching her

While my heart breaks his chains

And cries out in bitter pain?
I looked at the sea.

I was walking a small road,

Small, mean, dry.
My reason turned away.

A vowless promise.

I left.
But if I had the choice again,

I would leap from heaven or hell,

Whith a whole spirit and heart.
Turned & Twisted, following the way of a gaelic song, by Alisa Riechmann. An Roghainn Dàin do Eimhir. 15.05.16


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