if bricks could talk

I wish I could belong.
And I wish it had not been so very long
since I was in the right place at the right time,
and my life used to rhyme.

I wish the walls would talk to me
because humans sometimes don’t, you see?

And maybe walls would understand
my beginning with no good end…

Maybe it’s too much to ask:
maybe it’s too hard a task
to be understood and understand:
to be able to talk and comprehend.

I am as right as I am wrong
I am as weak as I am strong
I am as confused as the daylight
that refuses to leave when it’s already night.

And you, good friend, will you ever know?
Will you ever come to life and show
that you hear me and it’s alright?
No, my friend.
You’re as lifeless as you are bright.

(Carol Smnt)


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