DSC_0433-bShe arrived in Bangkok on Friday Night. It has been a long flight and it took ages until she arrived at the apartment. She was exhausted – she even slept in the taxi, something she would actually never do, especially in a foreign country. But everything went alright, she paid with the bit of money she had left and then carried her heavy luggage up the stairs to the lobby, where she got her keys. Her eyes were hurting and she couldn’t make one clear thought, she didn’t even thanked the man for her keys, she just turned around and went to her apartment. It was clean and modern and she didn’t cared at all. She felt disgusting after that long flight, her hair was dirty, she had bad breath, her clothes were sweaty and her eyeliner was everywhere in her face except around her eyes. She weighed it up – should I sleep or should I shower? She looked at the clock on the wall. 7 PM – she sighed and decided to shower, maybe that would make her awake and if not, at least her mood would be a bit better. She was right. And she even got a bit adventurous. So she put on her favourite dress and went outside. It was hot outside, not too hot but it was still damp (like it always was), so she braided her hair to have a free neck. While she was thinking about where she should eat for dinner, she started going down the road, enjoying to be back. This atmosphere – the noise of the cars, the green blooming everywhere where no stone was fixed tightly, the electric cables and garlands of flags above her head, the uneven ground, which made her tripping here and then, the people, eating on the streets, talking, smiling, selling food, avoiding motorcyvles on the pavement. Bangkok was a djungle. It was vivid, pulsing, alive – a natural chaos, adorable, pur. She loved to just take a Tuktuk and drive through the town; it didn’t cost a lot and often the driver shared some stories. Strolling through the hundreds of markets, looking at all the things displaced, the new tops or iPhone cases or the little traditional souvenirs for the tourist, holding a coconut in your hand, takein a zip now and then while try to lessen the price for a blouse. Or trying street food, little snack or – food. Right. She was hungry. There was a little restaurant down the road. It was very simple, white tiles, solid tables and plastic chairs. It was completely opened – no walls, just a fence, no dividing wall between kitchen and dining room. When she went there the first time, she needed a bit of time to getting used to it. But it didn’t take long. The waitress was friendly, even you had to order by touching the name of the dish on the menu while nodding and smiling a lot, and the food delicious and there were mainly local people there, it made her feel more belonging and less like a stranger. The plan was settled. In less then five minutes she sat at the table and had already ordered her dinner – orange juice and green curry – and was thinking about all the stuff she had to do, while she was in Bangkok, annoying things, related to work, mainly, and her mood was as high as when she had arrived, when suddenly somebody tapped her shoulder. She turned around, wondering if it was the waitress, maybe asking something about her order. It wasn’t. And for a second she couldn’t help but think that this trip to Bangkok was getting more pleasant with every second.



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