Unterwegs I

I wrote this poem under the working title “Trambahnfahren” (“Tramway-Riding) while I was on my day to Uni a few weeks ago (29.12.15 to specify). Because I am on my way to the library now to work on my paper, I guess it’s kind of suitable. It’s originally in german but I translated it once to show it Carol. So here you are, dears:


Ist wie 

Ein schaukelkarussel

Voller luftblicke und szenenwechsel.

Man schauckelt links, man schaukelt rechts und verliert nie seine Richtung.

Ein abgeschiedener Passagier

Abgeschieden von dem Leben auf der straße

Ein heimlicher beobachter des bunten treibens und der plot twiste; teilhaber, sympathisant und Richter aber nie mehr als ein Zuschauer.


Is like a swing carussel full of air glances and changes of scenes. Swinging left swinging right but no loosing of direction. An isolated passenger isolated from the life in the street a secret Voyeur of the colorful happening and the plot twists; participatpr, sympathisant amd judge but never more than a spectator.

So as we were talking about Uni – I am going to publish some of my writings every Saturday, twice a month I try to do so in English – maybe I do it more often if uni isn’t too overwhelming (haha). At the moment I have “Vorlesungsfreie Zeit” (translated it means more or less lecture-free time) which is just a legal trick of uni to put exams and essays and papers in this time and we poor students can’t say anything against it as we do not have “vacations”. So I still have to work on a paper which is due end of the months but after that I am freee! Able to write without having to worry about other stuff. Moreover, I am in Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo for vacation and of course I do share evey moment here with you. 
That’s it for today, enjoy your weekend and smile!



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