I am

I am
brunette, 19, student?
average and
writer, looser,
not good in maths
and worse in physics
political, historical
a Jurist?
a dancer
a dreamer

I am strong
and shy and selfless and egocentric
concerned and worried and afraid of the future
a builder of the past and a remainer of the present

I am emotional
too loud and too unrestrained

And yet too shy
too introvert and anxious
not confident
and without an aim

I am –
defined by the People
and shaped by my Environment

I am lost in my shattered fragments.

I am a sketch in the loose winds of the air
drawn with my dreams
my fears
my decisions
and still rebuilt by others
their words, actions
and judgements

But I  am myself
strong and pure and clear
with both feet on the ground
head in the cloud
deciding about my ownself
building, wrecking, creating
My own life or that I want to have.


I am myself.
And so much more.




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