IMG_5379Hello. I’m Alisa.
I guess that’s how all the things start, right? With a Little, shy, encouraging ‘Hello’. A ‘Hello’ which may open new doors, which shows us new paths and maybe a bit of adventure down these roads. A ‘Hello’ which is inviting, promising and wishing.
That’s my ‘Hello’. It welcomes you to my world. To a part of me; a part I like, a part I love and a part I want to intensify; a part I want to show you here. It’s this Little closed rose there inside me, my Little writing rose; I am writing since I can remember; I am writing for me.
And I guess now I am writing for you, too.
So Hello again, stranger.
It’s me, Alisa.
You never met me before; so you don’t know who I am, I guess. I am Young and bold and excited and full of hope; I am weak, indecisive, aimless and therefore lost; I am proud, and stubborn and shy; I am willing to learn but I don’t know whats meaningful enough to learn about it –
I found a part of my soul on the other side of the world; we met in England, a year ago and grew to being close friends even though the whole world lies between us. We are differnt but we are the same again. Ridiculous, how fast you can be friends. So here we are, both with the same dream, the same aim: Writing, writing, writing. And therefore we created this blog; I guess it’s getting bilingual, trilingual, quadrilingual here. English, as the communication base; German and Portuguese, as our warmly wrapped around Basic-mothertongue writing base (whatever that means); Spanish, if we do want to get quite experimental here.
It’s going to get colourful; enchanting, joyful, deep and desperate, easy and hard, melancholic and overflowing and embracing and it’s going to contain every emotion we are feeling, every emotion we are writing down, every piece of sun and every misery.
We should getting started; I said ‘Hello’, so please, come in, step through my door and sit and listen and enjoy.



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