rivers & canals

a city and its canals in the afternoon


Unpredictable VII

“It was a very stupid idea to let it stand with ruins all around it, but we had no choice. I promise you, we didn’t. And now we need you to keep quiet.”   Indeed, it was a very stupid idea. A very stupid idea to follow a person I have never seen before. To … Continue reading Unpredictable VII

Unpredictable VI

I went back to the dormitory and lay in bed in what was set up to be sleepless night — which indeed it was. I should’ve said more: I should’ve told Madame X everything I thought about the subject and why it mattered, because it did. They were always too busy with the rules and … Continue reading Unpredictable VI


Unpredictable V

Written by Alisa     Madame X began to speak. It seemed like she spoke to all of us but her eyes were fixed on me: “I guess you have a theory what happened to that house.” Out of the corner of my eyes I saw how Kyle made a move as like he wanted … Continue reading Unpredictable V


Unpredictable IV

I was the last to leave the house. When I arrived to the place where I had first contacted the wooden table, I waited until Kyle and Peter had gotten to the porch and I looked back at the inside of the house. Its walls were calling me. I knew walls couldn’t speak, and if … Continue reading Unpredictable IV


Unpredictable III

  Seemingly intact porcelain. „What was that?“, I heard Kyle asking, his rough voice was filled with strain. “Maybe we should turn on a porch”, Peter suggested. I was right about him; he was the one who asked first about a light. “It sounded like porcelain”, I sighed, “I hate to agree with Peter but … Continue reading Unpredictable III


Unpredictable II

We looked at one another, the sentence about to leave Peter’s lips stuck inside, as if he knew that it would be useless to try and persuade us. “Okay, you win” he finally said. “But you guys will go first.” I don’t know what drove me to enter the building first, but that’s what I … Continue reading Unpredictable II